DIY Kitchen Cork Board

My kitchen is done! 

I'm so excited to reveal it to you... next week!

I do love how it turned out!

I have spent some time cleaning off our fridge, both the fingerprints and all of the 'stuff' that collects on there.

I have created a new and improved message center for us, and now our fridge is naked!

It's still a little trippy to look at, a totally white fridge w/ no kid décor, notes, magnets etc.

I found a few of these cork boards that someone was going to throw out.  Such an easy fix... paint the frames, cover the cork and you have yourself a whole new treasure.

Here is a look at the one I did for our kitchen...

I don't know why I taped it off!  I'm covering it anyway!  Oh well.

Spray painted the frame...

Cut my fabric approximately the size I needed.  Slightly larger.  You'll want to fold over the edges as you staple for a nice clean edge.

Next bust out your trusty staple gun!

Start on one edge.  Fold the fabric over and staple in the middle.  I usually staple a couple of times from the center out, then work on the other edge, pulling and tightening the fabric as I go.

Here are the two opposite edges stapled...

Same process for the last edges.  I cut excess fabric from the corners and just tucked them and stapled right into the corner so the fabric doesn't pull or fall away.

Next you can cover the staples with ribbon or bias tape.  I started w/ this white, then looked at a cute yellow dot I have.  I think I'd like to use that, but need to get more.  For now mine is unfinished and doesn't even look that bad.  Glue the ribbon with hot glue.

Here is what the finished product looks like on our wall. 

 I also added metal and chalk board.  I'll show the complete wall next week.

I punched holes in the metal w/ my cropodile (love that thing), then drilled them right into the wall with screws...

 Here is a peek at the metal.  Love!

And one more before and after of that little cork board with it's new life!