Let's Review June... And A 5k

Yes, another month has raced on by and I've neglected to write what my life is all about. I am inspired again. M is gone traveling for the rest of the week. I may spend my nights updating this thing. I just got back from UT last night and I've spent today trying to re-adjust, get laundry done, unpack, burn photo CD's (that's for you Lynette!) While I was at Lynette's house I checked out her blog books and I felt the foot kicking my butt! I need to get these entries printed off and I need to keep recording our life! So, I'm going back through the highlights of this month, that is almost over.


Most people camp this weekend, which is why we chose to wait a week before going. Instead we stayed home and bbqd. Center Stage was performing at Fantasy Island and we got free tickets so our family headed to Grand Island in the morning. We had a good time, it was SO hot! Our kids have never been big on exciting rides... or even boring rides! We've not gone to Disney for this reason! They are such little chickens, very unlike myself, who loves a good thrill. M likes to keep his feet firmly planet on stable ground as well, that must be where they get it. We told them if they would show us they would go on rides we would consider Disneyworld. They ended up doing great. Q petered out after the kiddy rides, and surprisingly G was the man. He tried a giant slide, the 'Scrambler' and the bumper cars with me. The babies were so good. O even tried a couple of rides. I went on the big coaster by myself. Whatever, I loved it! We got sno-cones, drank plenty of water and considered standing in the massive line for the log flume. Instead we opted to head home and prepare for our bbq.

We had the Christensen's and Preece's over. It was so hot during the day I told everyone to bring swim suits, then the clouds rolled in. It didn't rain, just cooled off a bit. We had a great time. The kids played in the water, running back and forth from the pool to the sprinkler. Q and Syd colored inside, the babies roamed, the dad's tossed the football and we ladies sat and had a nice chat. Good times.

It was a great day, we all hit the sheets drained!


Susan G. Komen 5K

Earlier this month, the 12th a bunch of us got together to run Susan G Komen 5k.  We ran to support Amy Hulse.  Only a few of us registered, but we were all there to support Amy.  It was really neat!

Since I had been training, and I was only doing a 5k I really wanted to push, I was hoping to get into the 6's with my time.

As the gun went off I held off just a little, trying to find Crescent.  After a minute or so, I just went for it.  I wish I'd taken off from the beginning, but I'm still pleased with my race.  I sprinted hard at the end and finished strong.

My time was 21:29 (6:56 pace)  I totally did it!  I eeked into the 6's!  Yea!

I was first in my age group, 10 overall female and 54 overall racer!

That felt pretty cool!

It was great to be with the girls, supporting our friend.  I got choked up a little watching these women and hearing their stories, it was neat.

Matt came, but he got there too late!  I'd already crossed the finish line... oh well.

Saw my cute neighbor Sue there!  She makes me feel like a rockstart!  Someday we'll run together!