I've Been Meaning to Try This...

Have you ever worked with Epoxy?

I hadn't until just recently.

It seems all magical, adhering practically any two things together... but the mixing... one part, two parts... I was a little slow to try it.

Determined to step into the light... I recently bought a bunch of glass and tin items from a local thrift store. 

Things from fancy glasses to candlesticks, to pie tins.  I bought each item with this project in mind.

Here is a shot of my goodies... well not my goodies, but the things I purchased! :)

I grouped them together, mixed and matched until I liked the combo of base and top.

I roughed up the edges with some sandpaper.  Just the edges that would be glued.

Then I busted out the epoxy.  I purchased this

Devcon 5 minute epoxy from Lowe's

It was easy to use.  I squirted out the two parts at the same time... designed that way by this smart manufacturer.  I mixed them right in the plastic from the packaging.  Next I carefully slathered the epoxy onto the bases, then attached them to the tops.

It was quite easy actually.  Don't know what I was so nervous about!

Next step was to prime these babies...

Then, of course spray paint.  I like the glossy look myself.

I used a bunch of different colors.  You never know when and what you may need.  It's nice to have a variety to choose from.

I did yellow, blue, green, and 2 white.

Here they are on display.  These could hold anything from Easter décor to a birthday cupcake.

I didn't put any sealer on these.  If you intended to wash these at all you'd want to put a protective coating, like polyurethane over them.  I don't intend to do that... I have plenty of other dishes for that. 

You can see the large white pedestal has a pink plate in it... the dip in the tin is perfect for that.

You can even stack them for variety... (do you like the progress of my painted kitchen?)

I'm very pleased and super excited for my cute little pedestals. 

This was a great project.  I even have plenty of epoxy left... I already have something in mind for it!

Last before and after...

Finally we have a winner for my

Little Man Ties giveaway


Courtney Vanderwalker and Eileen M Cordero you are the winners via Rafflecopter.

Send me your address and tell me if you have a size preference!  Yea!!!! 

Thanks to all for participating!

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