I {love} February!

I really love this month!

I love to decorate with hearts!

Any excuse for a celebration, really, I'm all about it!

A few years ago I was in charge of putting ideas together to help celebrate this month.

Since then we've been all about February and making the most of this time.

Any holiday is what you make it right?

You can complain that Valentines Day is totally a made up, commercial holiday, or you can choose to celebrate it and make this a month to look forward to.

Here are some traditions we've adopted to make this month more.

Wrap books that show or talk about love and unwrap one each day of the month or counting down to V-day.

Substitute your regular scripture study with scriptures that talk about loving one another, how the Savior loves us etc.  Again, all month or leading up to V-day...

I've attached several scriptures to hearts and we hang them on our tree in the entryway.

This next one has become our family favorite.

I bought these little tins and labeled each.  We each write notes to each other, one a day to someone, then we read all our notes on V-day.  It can be random or specific... ex: thanks for making me lunch, or I love your blue eyes etc.  It is really great reading nice notes!

And of course I love to decorate our home all festive... I'll post that soon!

In years past I've blogged 5 things I love

try to do it

each day.  It's fun to see how things change over the years.

One of my favorite things about this season in particular...

I do love cinnamon candy!

Happy Friday!

5 LOVES for today...

cinnamon hearts, Grey's Anatomy, new fabric, date night, my new red hat