I have an itch.... new paint for the kitchen

We moved into this house spring of 2005... good crap it's been a long time!

I'm not going to bore you with things I've posted on previously, in short, didn't love this house, but it's ours.... still! 

I can't wait until the day we move... still.

BUT, we love the small payment.

I have done my best to make our house a home.

We have done much work to this house! 

Here are photos of our kitchen from way back, when we first moved here... we were leasing at the time.

Do you love it?  No?  Why not?  I did get to change out the hardware while we were leasing, then I talked our landlord into letting me paint.  After that he pretty much let me have free reign, as he saw my updating would only add value.

Here are our old knobs... and then new...

 This post shows our renovation.  We kept the layout the same, again, our plan hasn't been to stay in this house forever... although at this point, we are still here... ended up buying at the end of our lease!

kitchen reno of 2008

Here are some photos after the granite was put in, still love it!  We ended up putting wainscoting up as a back splash and painting it mustard.  If we were to do it again I'd tile, but I was over tile at that point.

I really have enjoyed the red with the mustard.  I created my own artwork by photographing some silverware of my own, then printing them off.

Around this same time our good friends were moving and gave us this piece of furniture that had been given to them.  It was that pine green color.  I painted it black and we've been using it since.  I love free things!  Wish I'd taken a before photo!

A couple of years ago we moved Matt's office to the basement and moved our big table into the dining room.  It fits much better in there.  We bought this little table for our eat in area. 

Other than that, the only thing that has really changed is the wall next to the hutch.  Here is what it looks like now...

Why this post?  Well, I've bought paint!  I have an itch, I need a change. 

I so LOVE this mustard color!  I've kept the swatch... this is one of my favorite colors.

But, I'm ready for a change... and since I can't change my house, I'll

I'll be painting this week... watch for the finished product!