Home Tour - Dining Room

This home is no longer ours!  Matt brought home our cashiers checks on Tuesday!


We are renting it until we move, in June.

It still mostly feels like it's ours.  It still doesn't feel real that we are moving.

Today I'm going to show you our dining room.

Next week I'll show you what it used to look like!

In our early days in this home we used this room as Matt's office.

There was plenty of room in the small eat-in area of the kitchen for all of us.

As we have grown, we have also grown out of that kitchen area!

We eat dinners in our dining room, use it all of the time!

As we updated this room I chose this burnt orange color.  I have loved it.

More recently I have been ready for a change, but again, since moving was on the horizon I have just left it.  I am ready for lighter and softer colors.

I got this awesome painting at Hobby Lobby for $20 on clearance!

I have quite the collection of candles and candlesticks.  They give off a nice glow at Christmas time.

I got this fabulous buffet for free!  I know!  I've been patiently waiting to see where we'll move, so I know where it will go, so I will know how to pretty it up.

Yes, I have quite the sugar addiction, I know, plus food and candy can be so pretty!

This has been a fun shelf to decorate in this room.

The opposite side of this opening has a bookcase that I have used for dishes and serve ware.

I like having it right by the table for easy setting.  The kids can get to them easily.

There it is, our dining room.

One thing that was on my list as we looked for our new home was a large eat in area.  

I mean 'large'!  I don't want a separate dining room, I want us and our guests to all fit around a giant table in the hub of the house.

So, as we move the formal dining room will be eliminated.  That room will serve a different purpose for us.

Things I like about this room: 

- is square in shape

- fits our table nicely

- our family fits here

Things I don't like:

- color

- size

- when we have people over we are split between the kitchen and dining rooms

Looking forward to:

- space

- one big space, kitchen and dining together

- less black

- fancy lighting

- more windows and natural light

I am keeping all of my furniture and frames etc.  This room has a lot of black!  My table will be relocated and will get a new facelift.  I will do the buffet too.  We'll see if the other things get painted too!  I'm waiting to see where their new location will be in the new house!

EEEEEeeeek!  Pinch me!  I am so excited!