St. Patrick's Printables and East Canvas Art

Happy March!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's day?

I am neither Irish, nor Catholic.  We don't really celebrate...

But, I do like any reason to be a little festive... I love green, being involved, tradition... and I like rainbows!

We have two birthdays this month, so I'll decorate for that soon, but it's always fun to recognize a holiday even a little.

I made these printables and changed out the vignette at the top of the stairs. 

Here they are for you...

8x10 lucky in love and 4x6 lucky we and kiss me (these could be 5x7 as well)

Just click on the image, save to your computer and print from home or send out to print.

Here's how they look on my wall...

I took just a few minutes to make a new canvas for where the rolled paper heart was. (Find that project up on my holiday page).

It was super fast and easy.  I took an 8x10 canvas, some fabric I'd cut into 3 hearts, a stem as well.  I used some Mod Podge to glue those onto the canvas.  It really too like 10 minutes!  Super cute though right?

We also have some festivities in the front entry...

I've been taking down Valentines stuff and adjusting my house back to regular decor.

I had a photo shoot this morning.  I made some new stuff for that... I'll be sharing soon.

Today Q and I went out shopping.  My tween is wanting a bedroom makeover.  I keep hoping we'll move, then I can just have a do-over... but nope!  So, I won't repaint, BUT we will redecorate! 

We had a great time shopping and she is nipping at my heels to finish this post so we can start our projects!  This is how we spend our quality time... shopping, lunching and crafting!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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