Easy DIY Halloween Monster Wreath

My inner crafter comes out this time of year.  She will stay for the next several months!  Holidays are a great time to be creative, make something new.  I have had several projects going these past couple of weeks!

Today I'm sharing this adorable monster wreath.  It is so easy to make and I love how it turned out!

diy halloween monster wreath

You will need a reed wreath like this (not sure if that is what it's called, but it's not straw or grapevine!).  This type wreath is good, it takes hot glue well, it's thin in profile and thickness so you need less material to cover it.  Also, these type of wreaths are super cheap.  Love that!

You will also need a hot glue gun, poof balls (got this large pack at Hobby Lobby) and google eyes, oh and ribbon to hang the wreath with.  Since there are varying sizes of balls you could put a bunch of google eyes on, all different sizes.  That could be cute too.

I started with the largest poofs.  I started putting them close together, then thought that wasn't so smart.  I'd hate to run out. 

Instead I spread them out and figured I could layer and fill with the smaller sizes.  This method worked well.  You can see the process here.  I kept going around, adding largest sizes first then using the smaller sizes to fill.

So, so easy.  You can see in this shot that I went back and filled in spots where you could see the wreath with the small sizes.

After the poofs were on I added my google eyes.  Truthfully I bought these large ones thinking I had a bunch of smaller ones here at home.  I thought I'd add more eyeballs, I think that would be cute.  Turns out I didn't have them, so these big eyes are what I used.  Also cute.

I got some sheer purple ribbon and tied it in a knot, then moved the knot to the back of the wreath.

Eeeek!  I do love how it turned out!  And, it's totally easy to make.

I had it in our mud room initially, but decided I like it upstairs instead.  Here is how it looks in the middle of our gallery wall...

monster wreath gallery wall

I love it.  It was quick, it's colorful, and makes me happy!  It's the simple things really!


Halloween Monster Wreath