Running... Fleet Feet 15k

I ran a race on Labor Day. It was the first race I've run in like 3 years. I have been running 18-20 miles/wk and when I heard a few gals from church talking about running the Fleet Feet race I chimed in and said I wanted to also. I ran 8.5 miles a couple of weeks before the race just to make sure I could do it before I committed.

I got our race packets and drove us all to the race, parked right by the port-a-johns yum! We got ready to start the race, a couple of us wanting to drain the bladder one last time, but realizing we'd be missing the race start. We thought we'd be ok. We started and at about mile 1 I could feel the liquid sloshing around! It was a bit uncomfortable, I've gotta say! Crescent and I darted off and hit the head as we passed it by the waterfront. Relief! Now we had to catch up to Katie and Sarah! I think that was my mistake, but I'm glad we did. It was fun to run with those gals. My hip flexors started cramping up at about mile 5. Crazy. Never have felt that tight. I think it was the speeding up at the slight incline that did it to me. I fell back from the other girls and at about mile 7 had to stop and stretch my hips. I was the last one (of our foursome) to finish at 1:21. Still a good time. I had a 8:44 pace. Not bad. It takes time to build up endurance and speed at long distances. I'm not going to lie, it was tough, my legs were burning.

A couple things I learned, keep my steady pace, unless I've trained with speed splits, also I thought slowing down would help, it doesn't!!! My breathing was fine and slowing didn't help my legs hurt any less. It just made the race last longer! So, just keep trotting!

Here are some photos...

All of the daddies who were such troopers and brought ALL OF OUR CHILDREN!

Crescent, Sarah, me, Katie... the mommies. All of us have had babies pretty recently.

I went running yesterday, was just going to go 6 miles. I felt great though, and continued. I ran 10. So this last week my milage was 25 miles. I felt great, no cramping. I am not even sore today. I could barely walk the day after the race! I made mile 9 at 1:19, 2 minutes better than my race time. But I finished mile 10 at 1:28, so again my pace was 8:44. I guess that is just my long distance pace. I'll take it.

I sent in my money to register for this race. I'll be running it in 2010 with Lynette and Ang! Yahoo! I'm excited. So, yes, I'll be out in UT next year.

I love to run. It feels good to be back at it consistently. I've been pushing the boys during the week in the mornings. That is so nice. I'm glad they'll sit there for a while so I can take care of me. It's quiet, cool, the air is brisk, and the sun is just waking up. It's relaxing. It does hurt my arms and hands sometimes, holding onto the stroller. It would be nice if I could get my but up earlier and go by myself, but... I can't!