Don't Panic...

Monday's post... that never got posted.

My theme for the day seems to be... don't panic... everything will be fine.

Running... oh running... how do I miss thee?  Let me count the ways...

I stayed off my leg all last week.  I hoped to get out to run 16 miles on Saturday, but just wasn't sure if I'd even be able to go 1.

I did go 1, and it felt so great... then my calf started to cramp up and pull.  Dang!  It hurts!!!  Probably against better judgment I pressed on, to see if I could somehow work around this... I somehow eeked out a workout, still ran 7 miles, but felt EVERY. SINGLE. STEP... and it hurt for the rest of the day!  It's not a soreness, I know what that feels like and I'm fine after I get moving.  This is some crazy knot that is shooting pain through my leg, stopping me in my tracks!

I love swimming.  I have been swimming more efficiently thus have gone farther faster... it has been great!

I love cycling.  It's great!  I can't wait to get out on my bike.

I love being able to row... I'd love to do that in real life someday.

But... they just aren't the same as running.  Add to that my goal of running a June marathon = anxiety!

I will, however be fully prepared for my July triathlon... I'm ready for most of it now.  Just not the running!

The way you prepare to run for a long time, is to run for a long time!  As great as it is to continue working out in these other disciplines, it's just not the same as being on my legs.

For yesterday's workout I swam a mile, rowed and cycled for 15 minutes, then wanted to try running, even just a couple of miles.  I went nice and slow, then almost cried as I felt that familiar pain.  Mostly out of frustration.  A quick way to depress my spirit is to keep me from being able to run!

I just needed to run, so I kept on... telling myself...don't panic.

But I am, I'm afraid of losing what I've built.  I don't want to lose speed and endurance.  I want to build, I want to improve.  I won't lose endurance aerobically, but if I don't run, will I lose muscle endurance?

Don't panic...

Running will always be here.  There will always be a race.  You don't always have to PR.  It would even be ok to run this marathon if I don't run 16 miles for another couple of weeks.  

Don't panic!  You will be fine.

I will try to do just a little bit of running each day and see if I can work this thing out of my leg.  Resting didn't work.  I won't go turbo on distance, but I want to at least get a little in each day.

Here is what last week's workouts looked like..

Monday: Tried to run... got half mile out and had to walk home.  The weekend off didn't make me better.  This is when I committed to a week off my leg.

Tuesday: Swim 2400 meters, bike 12 miles w/ hill intervals

Wednesday: Yogalates 1 hr.  Bike 20 minutes.  Row 15 minutes

Thursday: rest

Friday: Swim 2300 meters.  Bike 30 minutes

Saturday: Run 7 miles with some breaks @ 8 pace.


I was sick to my stomach this morning... not 100% why, but it had to do with our choice, regarding our future.  I've been dying to talk to M and he has been BUSY!!!

I finally felt a wave of relief in the early afternoon... We are going to be great!  Our opportunities are fantastic, M is going to be happy... don't panic!

We had an interesting weekend.  It has been a thought provoking weekend.

We should be jumping for joy, but we've been a little somber...

There are decisions to be made and our future still is unclear at the moment!

General Conference was wonderful.  I was uplifted.

I organized my craft room while I listened... played with my ribbon, moved it around.  Reorganized my hair accessories and finally did my curtain project.  This room, that never seems to be cleaned, is going through a little spring cleaning!

I have ribbon everywhere!  I have drawers of it, and some of it hangs out at my scrapbooking desk.  I also have some on top of my corner desk, for hair stuff, as well as a photo box full of it!

I moved all of my 'craft' ribbon over to my scrapbooking desk.

I had purple and brown ribbon hanging there before.

I reorganized my drawers from 'fatter' and 'skinny' ribbon, to 'solids' and 'patterned'.  I seem to search for them that way right now.  They are grouped by color too.

Now, on top of my desk are just solid ribbons that I can use to cover headbands or for the base of bows.

I'll walk you through all of it when I take you on a tour of my craft room... after it's clean!