Make Your Own Fabric Photo Backdrops

As a photographer I've invested in some fine products to help me with my different 'sets'.

I LOVE vinyl!  It is amazing, wrinkle free, relatively lightweight.  There was a time I was hauling my 'snap together' flooring around with me, it was quite the workout!  That is a nice way to start your shoot, all sweaty!

Vinyl is expensive, well worth the cost, mind you.

Before I invested in this I was buying fabric.  I am a crafter, who am I kidding, even without photography I have a slight fabric addiction!  I love a good pattern, I'm a sucker for colors.  I just buy it to make me happy, I'm sure I'll find a use for it!

The challenge with using fabric as a back drop is it wrinkles.  Even if you iron it, even if you hang it, which I never do.  That means on the other end of that great 'set' is some serious editing!

Here is an example of one of my favorite fabrics.  The shot is SOOC...

See the lines?  What a project to get them all out.

I finally got my smarts on and solved my problem.

I got me a couple of these display boards from Hobby Lobby...

Then I grabbed a brush and my Mod Podge and went to work...  that stuff is really the best right?  Don't be stingy with the amount you use, you'll need some give to work out the wrinkles.  The glue will bleed through the fabric, but that is just fine, it dries clear.

Two sides means two fabric options.  The glue and fabric on both sides actually makes the board sturdier.  I suggest covering both sides.

Far less work, and easier to manage, than loose fabric that has to be stretched and clipped, and wrinkles still. 

I did a couple of boy ones too.

How did I think of this?  Well actually a couple of years ago I was contemplating a spring backdrop.  I looked at all of my 12x12 scrapbook paper and ended up covering a board with that.  Initially I used tapes to adhere the paper to the board, but I've since gone back and glued them, with a top coat of glue to protect it.

Here is a look at those...

These are small-ish boards, but perfect for kids and babies, or headshots.

How great is that?????

Are you going to make some?  I'd love to see them if you do!

Happy Shooting!