Celebrating Birthdays - Boys Birthday Decor

All of my boys have birthdays within a couple of weeks of each other, all of them!  We didn't do any parties this year, because we were heading to FL for spring break and we intended to do a bunch of fun things there.

But, still, there must be special decor and effort, so everyone feels special!  All of my other rooms and areas have been decorated for spring and Easter, except here in my kitchen, at the buffet.

This is the birthday shrine, the daily reminder that all my boys are turning a year older, and all of them are represented here!

boy birthday decor

Did you know two of my boys share the same birthday, and two of them are the same age for a couple of week.  It's pretty special.

boy birthday decor

Let's take a closer look...

honeycomb lantern backdrop

I used honeycomb lanterns only opened half way, to create this bright backdrop.  It took some planning and a couple of do-overs to figure out what would fit in this 'window'.  I started with stick tac, but I used the white kind that isn't as pliable.  I ended up taking that off and just used removable adhesive squares.  I got some of the lanterns online (the blue ones) and the others at Target.  If I had them I'd have put up two more blue ones.  Can you guess where?

honeycomb backdrop, boy party decor

I love the backdrop!  I'll be doing that again, for something...

On the left side I used photos of my boys, mixed with the wood balloons and wood gifts I created years ago.  One side is girl and the other side is boy, so I can just turn them around.

I also used these chalkboard blocks I had made for something else.  Those are super easy to make... just paint some chalkboard paint on blocks!  I wrote all of their new ages on the blocks with a cafe marker that can be removed.

The right side has more blocks, the birthday sign and candy, of course!  It's a staple in celebratory decor!

The 'runner' is actually wrapping paper.  That's another little trick I like to use.  The possibilities are endless, it's cheap and you can throw it out or keep it, depending on how trashed it gets.  I'll be able to reuse this.

I was a little sad to not decorate this area for Easter, but I am glad we could have a central spot decorated, to remind us of the celebrations of each of these awesome people in our family!


Here is one more look.  Pin this!  There are a bunch of ideas you can use here! :)

boy party, party decor, honeycomb backdrop