Calling All Angels

Last year I choreographed this dance. 
I love this song, have since I heard it way back in 1996.  I was in college and a guest artist came and created a piece using this song as well as some others.
I tried to create something in college, but just couldn't.
Years have gone by, life has gone on, dance has come in and out, and in again.
I have met wonderful people, moved around and experienced much life.

Last year it all came together.
A swell of emotions, timing, reflection and time alone in the studio resulted in this.
Thanks to Kristy and Steph for taking time to work with me too!

calling all angels

This is my heart, my own reflections of women in my life that have been there at very significant times.  Times that I was about to break or very broken.  Some women that I don't even keep in contact with anymore, but still were so effective and desperately needed at a particular time in my life.  They hold a special place in my heart, their timing was perfect.  Perhaps part of a greater plan?  Perhaps chance?  Perhaps I'd have made it without them?  Maybe not.  I'm thankful, I'm touched.

Truthfully I haven't put this up only because I haven't known how to resize such large video!!!  I know now!  So, I'm so excited to share this with a couple of people I created it for, who never got to see it.

This video is from dress rehearsal, and if you have something 'not nice' to say, please say it... never!!!
I am a mother of 4 and I only dance maybe 2 hours a week!  Otherwise if you are a viewer that hasn't seen any part of my 'dance life' please enjoy!!!