Buffet Before and After - Favorite Furniture Rehab

The story of this little gem begins a couple of years ago.  I had joined a freecycle site and had been watching for some furniture.

I tell you I have little angels watching over me because I saw a buffet come up and immediately emailed the owner.  I hadn't seen it, but wanted to take a look.

The couple were moving into a new location that had some leftovers in the garage, this was one of them.  They didn't want it but at first look I knew I did!

I loaded this buffet into my minivan and brought it home with me.

It sat in my garage for several months, then I  brought it in and put it in my dining room, like this, so it wouldn't get damaged through the winter.

I finally put it back in the garage, after we had found our new house and were getting ready to move.

Up until that point I wasn't sure where I would put it, what color to paint it etc.

Knowing where I would put it in our new house, and wanting it to be ready right as I moved in, I did this project quickly, while also packing up our house!!!

I love it!  It has great character.

Here are photos of the transformation...

The right side of the drawers were missing the trim.

Instead of trying to match and replace, I pulled off the left side.

It looks just fine to me as it is all finished.

I love the details of this piece.  I mean LOVE!  From the curves to the hardware, it really is a treasure.

I used my new favorite color - new since last year when I painted this - Sherwin Williams: Copen Blue . (at Lowe's)

It is the perfect color.  It goes with everything!

I will be painting my upstairs area this color.  Love. it.

I distressed, then antiqued with some stain.

I love this piece!  I love how it turned out!

If you follow along at all you know that this spot has been one of my favorite's to decorate as the holidays have come and gone.

... And see what I mean?  This color goes with everything!


I think it's safe to say this is one of my favorite facelifts of all time... and I got it for free!

I was happy to give this buffet new life.  We will have it for years and years to come!