Buffalo Half Marathon Recap

 I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day... and weekend!

It's been a great day.  We got up and finished painting our front porch.  We met some friends from the neighborhood on Main street for the parade.

We've been BBQing, watching movies, playing family baseball and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Yesterday I ran the Buffalo Half Marathon.

Saturday I met Natalie at the convention center and we picked up our packets, checked out her new loft apartment, then ran 4 miles.  It was chilly!  It was good!

The last time I was on this course was for this race... They changed the course up a bit since my last time on it.  I liked the changes, they weren't too big.  This time I was out to just run a half marathon, maybe next year I'll redeem myself and actually run the marathon. 

A few weeks ago when I posted my intent was not to PR on this race.  I haven't felt as fast, but just goes to show that my thoughts were holding me back!  Last week my 10 miler was consistently under 7:30 pace, so after that I felt a bit more confident to go for it. 

The number in my head was 1:43, safely under my PR, better than an 8/mile.

I got up at 5, ate a bagel and yogurt.  I've been eating half bagel and yogurt prior to long runs and I get hungry on the latter end of them.  I went for a whole bagel, wish I'd only done half.  I didn't have anything to drink.  I got my stuff together and drove downtown.

Saturday prep was getting bags ready for the kids, going over the route w/ M.

Ate 6 in sub leftovers, chips, orange.  Water... always.

Race time was 7am.  I ate at 6pm, finished around 7.

The weather said 40 degrees.  Perfect running weather right?  What does that mean though?  I never know what 40 means until I step outside and start!  I do know that I hate being cold and sometimes I just can't warm up.  I hate that!  The day before I ran in shorts and a long sleeve shirt and felt good, but it was midday and sunny!  I thought I'd do the same thing, shorts with long sleeves.  But, in case I'm too cold or too hot I wore a tank under that.  Then I walked outside to my car to leave and thought.. it's freezing!  I ran back in and grabbed my pants.  I don't own capri's.  It's shorts or pants!

 I found street parking w/ about 15 minutes to start time. 

I wondered if I'd need to try the potty once more before the race. 

I put my chip on, strapped my music on (I don't know why I waste my time... I never turn it on during a race, but just maybe this race I will want it!) 

I decided to use my belt this time, and carry my Gatorade.  There were plenty of aid stations, but I'm finding I prefer to carry my own.  I prefer the stream of fluid into my mouth (while still moving) instead of stopping and sloshing a cup full all over my face!

I put my purse in the trunk, shut it, started walking, then turned back and ditched my shorts for pants.  This was the one 'do over' I have of the race.  Wish I'd not made that choice.  I looked at all of the other runners, in shorts and tanks, then turned back to my car... but it was getting down to start time.

So, I had a tank, long sleeves, and long pants on to start the race!  Can you say tard?

Oh, and new to this race... carrying my camera!  I wasn't sure if I'd like this, because it seems difficult to photograph while running, but it wasn't so bad.  Love this new little Canon camera!

I made my way to the 1:50 pacer and met Natalie...

We saw the 1:40 pacer walk by and I encouraged her to scoot up a little :)

Here is our start line!

We were off!  We started good, nice and easy.  The fire stations provided this cool flag to run under after mile 1.  Loved it!

Natalie and I ran for a good 2.5 together.  I was ready to push myself a bit faster.  It's a race, go for the gusto!  I picked it up a bit.  Somewhere in mile 4 I came upon the 1:40 pacer.  It was like what you see when the police are on the highway.  There was a crowd of people behind him, all holding back with him.  I passed and thought I may see him again, and if he passes me I'll catch up, but I'm not going to hold back, go for it!

Mile 5 was pretty funny for me.  Up to this point about all I could think about was how I wished I'd worn shorts.  My legs were hot, the pants felt too tight.  Could I take them off and just run in my underarmor?  Oh the jiggling and chaffing, maybe I could do that at mile 10 when I see Matt! 

I had to let it go, it's what I wore, don't let it affect what I've trained for!

I decided to take off my long sleeve shirt instead.  I went to remove it and realized I was pinned to my tank too.  So, I removed all my pins, my number and then my shirt!  All while maintaining my pace!!!  I'm sure I looked ridiculous!  My snot ran each time I looked down to pin or repin!  Hilarious!  BUT, I felt cooler and would survive the rest of the race, with my pants on!

I took a shot block between 6 and 7.  Between 7-8 there was a hill/bridge.  At about 8 there was a larger hill.  I missed that marker though.  I do know hit 9 @ 1:07 (7:26).

Matt was just beyond that with the kids!  He said he'd just arrived and waited about 3-5 minutes before I got there!  So glad he didn't miss that, he'd have missed the finish line too!  He has done that once before, and it doesn't feel so good!  Love seeing my family, it gives me a push!

And, I was able to drop my shirt!

This is kind of fun... my view...

Their view...

Off I go again.  I hit mile 10 @ 1:15 (7:30).  There were great spectators this year!  There is a marathon relay they do as well and I think that brings in a good crowd.  There were certain checkpoints that had large crowds.  It was great!  In this stretch there was a little girl who was passionately cheering all of us on! 

Here is the second round of that hill between 10 and 11.

Here is the metal bridge we ran over.

The stretch between 11.5 and 12 were my toughest.  I started feeling sick, and of course tired.  I had to pump myself up!  I stayed right behind these two just ahead of me (photo'd above).  I drank and took another block at 12.  Just a little more to go!  I pushed it, pinched it and turned down the last stretch. 

I do have a good kick!  I practice that!  Even though I'm tired I do push on to the very end.

I saw my fam cheering me on!

I thought I stepped over the time at 1:38, but I'm wrong.  They have my time as 1:39:25 (7:35)

BUUUUUUUUUUT new PR for me, by a couple of minutes!

I finished 6 in my age group out of 327, 38 overall female out of 2085.

I'm very happy with my performance!

I grabbed some water, a banana, Gatorade, then went to hug my family! 

I gave O my banana, E my water... never skipping a beat w/ the mothering!  I love having my family there to cheer me on!  Never mind Matt's closed eyes, and yes they are all in coats!

M took all of the kids to see his work building before they headed home. 

I waited for Natalie, who also PR'd, I believe!  We chatted about our runs.  I totally had to poo... and chose the potty w/ no paper, yes!  I was that girl calling out to her friend from inside the potty!

Here we are, victorious!

Here is the medal.

I think drinking water after a run makes me sick.  I need Gatorade.  I drank water though.  I felt sick after!  I also freeze after running.  I took off for home, Nat walked to her loft right around the corner.

I took a nice hot shower, then got ready for church.  No stretching.  Regret that!

I took a wee nap after church and I feel good today.  My hips are tight, but other than that just regular soreness.  I'll be back at it tomorrow.