As of Late

There has been some painting, that I started on a whim, using what I thought was my favorite blue.  I wasn't sure as I started, but continued, then was sure it was the wrong color for this space.  Turns out I like Copen blue on furniture more than I like it on walls!  Went and bought a different blue and now am happy.

I love this card.  I love Any who gave it to me.

This gal had her first girl party.  She has finally found where she fits, and after having all these gals over, hearing their laughter, what they choose to do for fun, I totally approve and am so happy for her.  It has taken most of the school year for her to find her groove.  

We have also had some of those teenager talks about being confident with who you are, regardless of what others are thinking and doing themselves.  Boys, clothing, how much time is spent on Kick.    

This one was happy to clean my beaters after I made fruit dip.  He still is a mess after he eats.

Yes, just splurge every few weeks and buy fresh flowers!

I have been eating whole grains as of late.  I cook them up in my rice cooker and use them for all sorts of things.  

Breakfast: wheat with butter and brown sugar = yum.  I ate this in my childhood.

Breakfast: pearl barley with vanilla greek yogurt as the sweetner, and some fruit.

There has been much Lego building, these boys changed gears from Star Wars and now want to build a city.  We need more Lego's.  They teamed up and bought some with their spending money.

There has been endless games of 'knock out'.  Really.  Every single day.

And, plenty of bike riding.  These two are so close in age, sometimes they just can't get along, but for the most part they are such good playmates.

I went to the derma, for a skin check, they removed 3 moles.  Need to go back in so they can get wider margins for one of them.  They didn't say it was cancer, but the cells are highly abnormal.

I am loving my new calling as the primary chorister.

Just one more week and school will be over.  I am excited for us all to be able to sleep in!  We are getting to bed late and the kids hate getting up in the morning.

I joined Orange Theory!  I've only been twice, but I have enjoyed it.  It will make me stronger for sure.

G spoke in church this past week.  Totally nailed it.  He prepared it all on his own.  He is awesome!

I took the big kids to Darian Lake last week, with friends.  It was good getting to know another mom, and seeing my kids have a great time.  Q especially as she went most of the time parent free, just checking in.  This transition is new for me!  I can write a whole post about this crazy new phase of life!