Hello friends!

Welcome to my blog, my life!

I'm so glad you stopped in and I hope you'll stay a while.  I certainly hope that you'll find something here that inspires you, makes you happy, maybe pushes you or makes you laugh or cry!

I started blogging in 2005 as a way to keep me connected to my family and friends, as well as keep our family history. 

My intentions are pretty simple, still to connect... just with more people... I do a lot of things and I hope to inspire as I share them with others.  And, I still want to keep our family history with this! 


If you are still reading... here is a bit more about who I am.....

I AM...

A wife and mother. 

Matt and I were married in the Salt Lake temple in September of 1997.  So long ago!!!  We were babies, but it was perfect! 

We have 4 beautiful kiddies and these people are my everything.  My family matters most to me, bring me the greatest happiness, fill my heart and life with love an purpose.  

Being a wife and mother, although challenging at times, are by far, also the investments with the highest return.  Yep, marriage and family is where it's all at!  I'm so blessed to be a wife to a fabulous husband, and a mother to the best, and cutest kids!

We are transplants to the Buffalo, NY area (from UT, via VA) and love it here!  This is our home.

I AM...

The daughter of Brent and Vickie.  

I grew up with a handicapped father.  My dad had a massive stroke at the age of 42 that changed our lives forever.  That event has certainly shaped my life in countless ways.  It helped to mold and shape the person I have become. 

I am also a sister to these fabulous people that I loooove.  They are the best people I know and I'm so glad we're on this journey together (their spouses are pretty much the bomb too, love 'em all!)... 

My dad passed to the other side summer of 2012.  You can read my thoughts on that here.

I AM...

A Mormon... my faith is at the very core of who I am.  I live it, simply, because it makes me happy, and I love that!  I could go on for hours!  The gospel of Jesus Christ makes sense to me... completely... it resonates in my spirit!  Yes, even the polygamy of Mormon history! :)  

I love to study.  I love to learn about all faiths, religion interests me.  

I believe that the same gospel Christ established when He was here on the earth has been restored, that everything He established in his own authority has been restored... why?  To make us happy, to guide us, and teach us how to become like our Heavenly Father. 

Matt left the church many years ago.  This has been part of our journey together, a big part of my life lessons... we are a part member family, trying to always respect and appreciate other's points of view...perspective... see that? 

What holds us together?  Love.  Which, I believe is the very core of what Christ's gospel is.

I AM...

Active...  I crave movement.  I love running (and racing).  I love dancing (college major, still taking and teaching).  I love hiking, cycling, swimming, throwing the Frisbee, playing catch, jumping and flipping on the trampoline.  I love to rollerblade, walk, skip, do the sprinkler!  I like to be on the go! 

I am thankful for a healthy body and I try to take good care of it!  My spirit is both alive and calm when I'm moving.

I AM...

Creative... on any given day I have several different projects in process!

I love to transform things I find on the side of the road.  I love to craft and create... anything from jewelry, wreaths, to hair accessories for the stage.  I enjoy scrapbooking and papercrafting... making anything!

My home is my canvas and I love to decorate, and redecorate, and organize... over and over again!

I am a photographer, this is such a great creative outlet and I've been so blessed with success!

I also express my creativity getting dressed and putting clothes together.

I AM...

Passionate, emotional, a deep feeler.  

A hard worker and will give my best efforts to what I choose to do. 


Always learning.

Silly and goofy!  I have little pride!


Working on bettering myself. 

Always trying to remember the truth about me.



laughing, eating candy, making friends, sparkles, serious conversations, nature, getting dressed, good music, shopping, finding great deals, a good cry, snuggling, rocking in the rocking chair, painted nails, a tidy house, feeling organized, girl time, crafting with my daughter, jumping on the trampoline with my boys, hosting parties, overcoming challenge, working hard, writing... so many things!  Life is so good!

There you have it!  ALLL about me!  Do you feel like you know too much?!! 

I hope you'll stick around for a while!  Be sure to say hi, I'd love to meet you.