A Tri In The Buff...

We are here in UT!

Man, these past few days have worn me right out!

Did everyone have a happy 4th of July?

It seems every year I am packing us and never enjoy that holiday!  This year it was pretty similar!

I did a newborn shoot first thing in the morning... loved that they wanted me to do it... had to squeeze it in! 

G had his all-star game and I went to a bit of that, then got home to do laundry, finish packing our bags, get all my crap out of the garage so we could park the van there for the summer!

I also had to get myself ready for race day, which included getting my whole family ready for a few hours of racing, then beach time after that.  It was a whole day of prep! 

We opted out of the Hulse BBQ because I just had too much to do.  BUT, I did set everything down to go watch fireworks with my fam!  We had a great time, watched the country club's display. 

Saturday morning we got up at 5:45 and were out the door by 6:15. 

My mom doesn't have WIFI so next week I will get my photos up here, with my full race review.

You can see me there in the center-ish... the white back.  There were just a couple of us that chose to swim w/o wetsuits.

My quick thoughts though are...

- It was tough, which I knew it would be.

- The waves in the water really threw me off my initial game!  It wasn't until after I made my first turn that I was able to finally get into my groove.

- The bike was more hilly than I anticipated, but I felt and did good!

- My run sucked!  I ran way slower than I hoped to... mostly because I stopped to walk more than I care to admit! 

 - BUUUUUUT!  All that being said.  I loved the experience!  It was a great race!  I love achieving hard things, pushing past the challenge!

- My time wasn't what I hoped for, but I'm still happy with my very first attempt at an Oly Tri.

Here are my quick #'s.

Total Time: 3:08:58

1st age group/ 10 overall female (there were only 2 of us in my age group :))

Swim: 37:57 (2:27)

T1: 2:55

Bike: 1:27:20 (17.24)

T2: 1:32

Run: 59:14 (9:33) Ouch, it hurts to even type that!  My marathon pace is way better than that pace!  Dang it.  That frustrates me!

I'll write the play by play and post it all next week!