3 Easy Halloween Hairclips

Who doesn't love a little festive?

I created these last year for a guest post.  I'll go ahead and post them here for you this year!!!

Here are 3 super fast, super easy hair clips you can create in no time flat.

1- Resin Bobby Pin

Pretty much anything can be put in your hair!  Just slap it on a clip or pin and you're good to go!

I found these resin Halloween pieces at the craft store, on clearance, in the scrapbooking section.

They have a little foam sticker on the back of them, I peeled that off, and simply glued them to the end of a flat ended bobby pin.

The bobby pins look like this and you can get them at any craft store.

I used E 6000 glue... the stuff is the bomb!

The glue is loose enough, that if you don't balance your pin upside down to dry, it will slide around, so be sure to stabilize it while it dries.

2- Foam Snap Clip

This one is crazy easy!

I used these foam type spiders that I got at the craft store.  I'm actually not sure what material they are made from, they are more stiff than foam, which is nice for your hair.

Anyway, I used some hot glue to attach this spider to a little snap clip.

I got a whole sheet of them from the dollar store.

Is that too easy for you?

Good, because the last one is a little more involved... but don't be scared!

3- Halloween Toddler Bow

Let me show you this cute little hair bow...

It is super easy to make and super cute.

1- Make 2 small traditional bows with half inch ribbon of your choice.

You'll need to twist the one end and pull so it stays facing out.

Now you have 2 bows.

We are going to connect them in the center with a dot of hot glue.

Make an x with them.

Now do the same thing with some tulle.

Did you know you can get spools of tulle?  Love working with it!  I only have to cut length.

Fluff out the ends of the bow.

You'll do the same thing.  Cross them and glue them at the center.

Now we just layer the ribbon bow on top of the tulle bow.

For the clip part I cut out a circle from felt, cut slits in it, then put my clip through.

I like to put my hot glue on after this is all in place, then attach it to my bow.

And there you go!

I finished off the center with a sparkle gem, just glued in.

There we go... 3 easy hair clips so we can all have some festive in our hair!