One Little Word 2018 - #gains

I am a lover of words.  They are powerful.  Last year I didn't choose a word to focus on, but this year I feel the need to do just that.  I'm bringing it back.

I am also a goal setter, normally.  Again, I feel like this past year hasn't been any indication of that!  In some areas of my life that has been ok.  In the overall picture I benefit from making and achieving goals.  There will be more goals this year.

The Word:

My word this year is 'gain'.

This word is all over the place in weightlifting!  It's all about the #gains! 

I am no weightlifter, but when I heard it, on that particular day, in that particular way, this word resonated for me.  I like the thought of focusing on increase, rather than 'loss' or 'getting rid of'.  I like the thought of using what I already have, not necessarily adding anything new, to build, to grow, to increase. 

Life, with all of it's changes, ups and downs, curves, challenges and blessings has left me feeling a little unsure in my footing.  I have felt some loss that way.  I have felt like things are missing in my life, and some of those things are totally out of my control.  I have felt loss or backward movement because of that.  I like to feel centered, clear, purposeful and sure.  I'm not really ending 2017 feeling that way! 

window reflection photo

But, today is a new day!  It's even a new year!!  #gains! 


Definition of gain (Merriam/Webster), also liked this extended definition

1 : resources or advantage acquired or increased : profit

2 : the act or process of acquiring something

3 a : an increase in amount, magnitude, or degree

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Back to the use of this word in a weightlifting realm...  In order to increase in muscle mass (#gains) there are crucial elements that are needed, the most significant being opposing weight.  That is how we get muscles to grow!  We actually challenge them, even tear the fibers and in the restoration comes the growth.

Enter goals.  The pressure or challenge required for increase.


The Goals:

"Nor is the word 'difficulty' one to be afraid of.  Chess is a play-activity, yet it is play only because the players deliberately make the game difficult in order to overcome the difficulties.  The equation is simple; no difficulty, no fun.  No chess player finds any real pleasure in playing an obviously inferior opponent.  Every game ever invented by mankind is a way of making things hard for the fun of it.  The great fun, of course, is in making the hard look easy.  Too much difficulty is painful."  -John Ciardi (How Does a Poem Mean)

It is time to make some goals for myself.  I want them to be meaningful and challenging.  It is so good to focus on something, complete it, and feel satisfied!  As we make many little goals we can feel that over and over again.

I like to take time in doing this, I like to be specific, and I like to include all the big areas of my life.  You can see a sample of my goal setting in this old post, back when my word was 'purpose'.

goals and success quote

This is one of the things I will be working on this week.  I need this right now.  I'm excited and look forward to a new year, with changes, accomplishment, growth, and #gains in many forms and facets.

Are you motivated?  Go!  Make some goals, ride the wave of momentum!  As the momentum dies we can always re-evaluate, but use it while it's there.

What are some of your goals/intentions for the new year?  Do you choose a single word to focus on?

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