Easter Mantle - 'He Lives' Easter Art

I've already expressed that I want my family to focus on Easter more acutely this year.  

I made printables to put around the house, and as I mentioned yesterday, got one printed larger with the expectation of putting it above my fireplace.

It was too small.

I was left to figure out what to do, how to get our Easter focus above my fireplace.

Large letters would work!

As I stewed on that thought a bit, I decided the simple statement that 'He lives' is what I want to say, to focus on.

I thought about doing another pallet piece, and began pulling a pallet apart, then decided I liked the idea of something softer, floral.  I wanted to use fabric.

What I had in my head came to life perfectly.

Here is what I did.

- I purchased a large foam core board from Hobby Lobby.

- I knew I wanted my letters to be gold and white, so after I decided not to do those letters on a pallet, I hunted for my fabric, keeping that in mind.

I selected something soft in color (mint) with a subtle texture (gold floral).  The pattern is larger so it sort of fades into the background.  I got it at JoAnn's.

- I purchased my letters, mostly based on what would fit on my board.

- I glued my fabric to my board using ModPodge.  Be sure to weigh your board down after your fabric is on there, so it doesn't curl as it dries.

- Painted letters white.

 - My next step was to add some gold by taping off my letters and painting.

I started with painting some gold on, but it didn't have the pop and shine I wanted so I took my letters outside to spray paint them.

I covered the white part with cardboard and sprayed.

- I hot glued letters to the board, making sure gold lines up!

Since the fabric is secured to the board I felt fine just gluing the letters right onto the board.  They aren't too heavy and have held up great.

Here it is above my fireplace.

It is simple and lovely.  I really love how it turned out!

I added more gold with a paper banner as well as more white.

It is a great focus for our home this special season.


He lives.  Easter decor