Filing Cabinet Turned Drink Caddy

Today is the final walk through here at this house.

Yesterday I worked, and worked to get it all spic and span!

I've usually had a few boxes out and just pack here and there.  Yesterday I had to get those boxes packed and closed so our home looks clean again!

We are scheduled to close on Friday, then we are officially sold!

We will be renters again.

It still feels like moving is a million years away...

Today I'm going to show you this little treasure's transformation.

I found it last year, on the side of the road, on garbage day.

I went ahead and wheeled it home (down the street), because that is how I roll!

It is a file cabinet.  It would be cute used as a little filing cabinet, buuuut I already have a file cabinet.

It has holes in the bottom and I guess for that reason I thought it would be a great place to put ice and drinks when we have BBQ!

I roughed it up a little with some sandpaper and spray painted it yellow with outdoor spray paint.

You can see how cute it turned out here.  I used it on my front porch as a little table until we needed it for drinks.

And then in our backyard for our Father's Day BBQ.  Since it's metal it insulated nicely.  The holes worked nicely for drainage.  I love it!

I may have to find another use for it in our new house.  I won't have a big front porch, but there is plenty of room inside!  Wait and see...