18 Miles and Achievement

3.20 MONDAY - 6.28 outside.  46:56 (7:29)

I wasn't really sure what workout I was doing today.  I started just running, then thought I'd better at least do some tempo miles.  After mile 2, where I encountered the big dog that scared me and got my adrenaline pumping, I decided to take advantage and go tempo.  I thought I'd do 3, but the wind and slight uphill were too much for me.  Lame, I know!  I slowed it down for the last two miles.  Since I was in my neighborhood, but not quite home (new route) I decided to run sprints.  I sprinted twice, totaling the .28.  I don't know that I've ever sprinted at that pace, except on the treadmill.  Go me!


3.21 TUESDAY - OTF - I love when I see friends at OTF.  Got to work out next to Ashley today.  It's been a while!  I already work hard, I'm always intense, but she is strong, and it feels good to be next to that!  It's great, uplifting, motivating energy.

3.22 WEDNESDAY - 5 outside. 45:17  (9:03)

Two days with Ashley!  We met for an easy run.  We started into the wind and my face froze!  Seriously.  I could hardly talk!  It was great to have time to visit and catch up.  It has been such a long time since we've run together.  

3.23 THURSDAY - 18 outside.  2:24:19 (8:01)

My plan for today was to run 16.  I had a plan for this run.  I've never run negative splits, like ever!  I always take off at a comfortable pace and slow as time progresses.  I wanted to run three sets of 5 and get progressively faster.  I'd run the first 5 around 8, 8:10, then next 5 at 7:50 or so, then the next 5 at 7:45 ish.  My last mile would either be a cool down or hold.

As you can see by my splits I mostly did that-ish!  I guess the result for holding back in the beginning is that I felt good enough to go an additional 2 miles!

I hit 15.75 at the bottom of a hill that goes into my neighborhood.  I ran hill strong, and still was far enough away that I took on the extra 2.  My calves were tiiight at the end of this run!  I stretched them at mile 17, then finished.

I am super happy about this run!  It felt good, I felt strong.  I drank at 5, ate a block at 8, drank at 10, block at 13, then finished my Gatorade as I ran mile 17.  I took my picture with the horses at mile 13.  I love seeing them out when I run!

I was super hungry when I got home and didn't want to stretch!  I just wanted to sit!  After my shower I stretched a little, but not nearly enough.  I was worried I'd be sore because of that choice!  Friday I felt surprisingly good!  I was a little tight, but not sore.

3.24 FRIDAY - OTF - Ran hills!  I wondered how well I'd do the day after my long run.  I worked it out, ran my hills at a good pace, not a crazy pace!  I took the time to stretch good after this workout.

SATURDAY - 4 miles trml. // It was a rainy morning.  I have not felt sore from Thursday's run.  I did feel sluggish today though.  Initially I thought I'd run 8 today!  Nope!  I ran 3 and walked 1.  I think if Friday was more of a recovery day I'd have gone longer today.  It was good to be on my legs, but not working them too hard.

I'll end this post with a quote, to keep us all motivated and inspired!

quote on achievement