10 Things - Lately

1 - Free Mature Plants 

My buddy Natalie was ripping out a bunch of Hosta's from her yard.  She is lucky, the deer haven't mauled hers to little bits of nothing.  I was very happy to come help dig them out, and bring them home with me.  

I'd like this bed in the front of our house to be full and green with a little path through it.  I got 4 plants and divided 1.  You'd better believe I'm spraying these, no deer dinner here, move along animals.  Thanks Natalie!

2- Heart Attack

The cute sister missionaries 'heart attacked' my side door.  It was such a sweet surprise.  They are so nice and thoughtful.  The 'mom goals' heart took me by surprise!  You never know who is watching you, what they see, and what they interpret from that.  I don't think of myself as a 'mom goals' type mom!  It made my day to think these little gals do.

3 - Let's Make Bacon

Conference Sunday I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread and eggs.  G came down and asked if we could make bacon.  Matt is the bacon maker in our house, both figuratively and literally!  G said not to worry, he could do it.  He learned how on a scout outing.  

I am serious as a heart attack when I say that it is a big freakin' deal when this boy just volunteers to work, in any form!  I will always try to praise that behavior, because it is rare from him!  

I told him to go for it.  He mostly did it on his own, with a little coaching and teaching from me.  O was excited to be next to him helping (he doesn't have the same allergic reaction to work that G does) and got to put the bacon in the pan.

I LOVED being in the kitchen with my boys!  He can cook bacon any time he wants.

4 - Hell May Have Frozen Over!

Why is that?  Because Matt bought a new car!  We have had our Honda Accord since 2000.  It is awesome and has been such a great car.  Matt gets teased a lot (especially by anyone who knows how senior he is at the bank), because he still chooses to drive our rusty Honda everywhere and has no shame in using something clear until it's life is finished.  I do admire that about him.  It's easy for him to disassociate the value of things with his own value.  One does not make or break the other.  BUT, he has finally done it.  He has researched for hours, made numerous charts and diagrams, test driven and tried many a car.  And he has made his choice!

It's been fun to think about the cars we have had over time.  I used to haul my babies around in this Honda.  That seems so impractical now that I have a van.  The kids don't even remember dad's little red car that we had before the van.  Everyone is excited for dad's new car!  It's practical and fabulous!

5 - Pumpkin Spice

I'm not crazed by the pumpkin spice of the season, but I tell you what, I got this Creative Snacks Pumpkin Pecan Granola at Wegman's and I will continue to buy it all season long!  Love it!  

6 - Learning to Tie Ties

This last month and a half I have been practicing my tie tying skillz.  Thank heaven's for google right?  How else would one learn to do this?!  Here we are by my computer, so I can follow the instructions!  I want to learn, then G will need to learn to do this on his own.

7- Speaking of G Speaking

Speaking of this little boy, he was recently asked to speak at our Stake Priesthood Meeting.  I went to hear him, of course, and Grandma was able to go too.  I'm not surprised by him, but sometimes stand both humbled and proud of who he is.  He did a phenomenal job!  He was cracking jokes, was calm and well spoken, and crystal clear with his thoughts of how holding the Aaronic Priesthood helps him to be strong.  He is strong, he is convicted.  He is oh so good.  I am proud of him and love him! 

8 - Gatorade Popcicles 

O came home and asked if we could make popcicles one day.  I don't know why I always say no to things like that.  It's not like it's hard.  It's not like I have to really do anything!  He has asked several times, and I have said no.  Recently I said yes!  Shocker!  See, It's good to say no, because then when you do say yes, your kids think you are THE best mom ever... which only lasts for a few seconds, but is worth it!

Now we are on our second round of Gatorade popcicles.  It is a simple pleasure for them, they are easy to make.  They want one every day when they come home.  I will say yes from now on!

9 - Grandma Pretzel

I didn't have a ton of time with my mom while she was here.  After all I was jet setting!  The one day I was with her I caught this... Grandma teaching her grandson to be a pretzel!  I called to everyone to come see Grandma!  They think she's pretty cool, especially since none of them could do this!

10 - Miss You

Sometimes I miss California!  Maybe it was the water, the ocean, the me time, the alone time with my best buddy, the good food, the running, the 'different', not sure.  But, I find myself missing it... that's when you know it was good.  I'm glad he took me!