10 things - Week 4

Yahoo!  I got a post pre-scheduled!  That was no small task, let me tell you!!!  I wish I could've done more, but alas, too many things on my plate...

I'm so excited to be away!  I'm with some friends at a crop!  I know, how long has it been since I've been to a crop?  Maybe 15 years! It is good to have girl time, creative girl time, even better!

Here are my 10 things for this last week-ish.

1 - Playing in the Forest

We have had some warmer temps.  The boys have had a great time getting outside playing football, playing guns in the woods, and even riding bikes, rollerblades and scooters.  The boys have been playing a bunch with our friend down the street as of late!  I was so glad they could go down there while Q had her party on Friday!  M was out of town and the alternative for them was to watch TV in my room all night.  Playing with friends was much more fun!


2 - Saying Goodbye

My mom has sold her house.  The home I grew up in, the home I go back to, the home my kids have come to know and love as Grandma's house.  It makes me so sad.  I wish I could go back and say goodbye!  I told her to take pictures, of the storage room where I used to sneak cans of pineapple, of the roof that I would lay out on, of the cubbies where we used to hang our coats, of the staircase we would slide down (in sleeping bags), of the rooms, oh, the rooms, where we all grew up, where we all spent our time, where we fought, cried, read, prayed and loved.  I could cry my eyes out!  A whole life of memories took place in that home.  It is hard to say goodbye.


3 - Hidden Treasure

My mom sent me a box of stuff she put together as she was packing up her house.  It was such a fun treasure hunt!  I sat in my family room and unpacked my box of treasures!  She gave me treasures from her parents, of hers, and things I had given to her, or that were mine from childhood.  I felt all sorts of emotions as I went through my stuff.


4 - Playing Together

I had to take a picture of these two playing the WII!  I love when they hang out, and that they enjoy being together.  I've said it before, they went through a spell where they couldn't find much in common.  Now they are good buddies.  I hope they stay that way.  I suspect they will if they can keep playing the WII together!!! :)


5 - Reading Fort

Sometimes just moving one piece of the puzzle opens up a whole new world!  This little ladder usually holds my blankets in our family room.  All of the blankets were off, so O randomly moved the ladder over to the couch.  He saw opportunity!  He began putting blankets over the ladder and created a fort.  He and his brother went ahead and did reading time in their fort.

I try to be all ninja, to get photos with them in their element.  They know that sound of the shutter though!  I don't get too many chances to get the sneaky shots anymore!  


6 - When You Go To Put Your Boys To Bed...

...and realize the battle, on their bed, is still commencing!  This was a good battle.  I was sorry to end it!  Despite my reassurance that they could play again tomorrow, it never did resume.  Once you move all the imagination the magic sort of fizzles with it.


7 - Last Teen On Earth

My girl turned 14.  AND she got a phone!  She may just be the last teen on Earth to get a phone!  She has been good about not having one, despite how very much she has wanted one.  We have chosen 14 as the age our kids can get a phone.  There will be some adjusting, and some rules, there always are!  I'm not sure I'm ready for this, but it is here.

We gave her her phone on her birthday, right after her party.  I wanted to wait a day, till all the party high had worn off.  M wanted to add to the magical day.  He was creative with how he gave it to her!  It was fabulous.  But as soon as that phone was placed in her hands I felt something slip out... of my heart... I'll tell you about that another time.


8 - In It For The Games

As G watched Q with her phone he told us the only reason he wants a phone is for the games.  I downloaded my first game on my phone, for him.  He is in heaven... and doesn't even need his own phone!  Game of choice = Clash Royale


9 - Pinewood Derby

The Derby is upon us again!  Matt will be making cars for the next several years!  We are bound to get better right?  You would think!  O and Matt worked diligently, and quickly on his car before M had to go out of town.  This car ran better than the previous cars we have produced, but O was bummed to still have come out towards the last finishers.


10 - Paint

I'm gearing up for my next endeavor.  I will be taking on our laundry room.  I'm excited!  Think navy, cream, gold... photo via Houzz.com

I hope you all have a great weekend!  I plan to!