Sunday, April 13, 2014

Reporting Live From...

You know what I'm doing right now?
Sitting in the moonlight, under the stars, listening to the ocean tide... as I type this loverly blog post from my ocean front condo!

And besides the toenail that I just stepped on, that doesn't belong to my husband, I asked just to make sure (it must have emerged from the rug in the bathroom, I'm-trying-not-to-vomit-as-I-type), and the green carpet (Golden Girl's decor), we have a pretty great place.  It is totally outdated, but was maybe the last place available here on Fernandina Beach.

We are here on Amelia Island in FL!  It's near Jacksonville.
We arrived late this afternoon.  Hooray!  We dropped the C's off at their hotel, which is about a mile away, then got settled into our condo.  Before putting anything away we changed clothes and hit the pool, which was cold because it was totally shaded by that time, then the beach.

The sand is beautiful, the water is great!  There are a million seashells and the kids are in heaven! 
As I took photos of my cute family I sighed to myself... this is amazing...

There was no one else around us, private beach, it's just my family.  It's quiet, besides our laughter, we're not distracted, but present, there is no one else, just us.  My kids are playing together, we are enjoying each other... Perfect!  What a great life!  We are so blessed.

These are the little moments in life to savor forever.  This is happy.

A while later we were happily joined by the C's and the kids played and played.  The sun wasn't very warm this late, but they all still got in the water, played in the sand, went to the pool.  The boys visited, Molly and I took pictures, and visited.  It was the perfect end to our long journey to get here!

Tonight we ate at a local place.  The kids were all so good, the food was local... the favorite of the night was the little mini corn dogs.  We are all ready to get some good rest.

Tomorrow we plan to spend all day at the beach, minus the jaunt back to our room to eat lunch.  It will be so nice to not sit on the beach and eat sand!  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

I plan to write about our trip as we go... and I sat down to upload photos, but M's laptop doesn't have the ability... dang!  Guess I'll have to insert those when we get home.  Anyway, so if the reason you stop by is for crafts or to see what I'm wearing, you won't be seeing that this week!  We are on vacation!  Yahoo!  And if I don't write about it I'll forget it, so that's what I'll be doing this week.

Road trips are a little like childbirth... the delivery can be quite painful, but the result sort of makes you forget all of the pain you went through!

Our trip down here this time was actually quick and painless!  It totally makes a difference traveling with friends!  There are many more travel combinations and that keeps everyone entertained and happy.

We set out on our journey yesterday morning.  I spent Thursday and Friday getting us all ready.  SO. MUCH. WORK. getting a family of 6 ready for a road trip/week long vacation!  It is exhausting!

Here are some snippets of our first day:
- First stop Erie, PA.  Had to hit Krispy Kreme.
- Kids got fresh hot doughnuts, a first for my kids!  They could hardly eat a hot, sticky doughnut!
- Molly's $2 tiny Diet Coke

- Child swap #1 T in our car Q in their car.
- Dude backing up off the on ramp...we thought it was to pick up the hitch-hiker, so did the hitch-hiker, who started picking up his bags... until the dude backed up right past him, into the Burger King!  Danger... and oh so weird!  I guess when you need a burger, you need a burger!
- Lunch in WV at Wendy's.  There are so many of us we need like 5 tables!
- Spouse swap!  Boys together, Moll and I together. 
- Told Shawn to use CC, we could tell they were deep in career conversation and could tell when the conversation would lull... we could then catch up to them!
- Modesty is hottesty!  Those are the words that came out of Moll's mouth when the lady at the gym told her she should show more cleavage!  Good story!
- Car and driver swap, we are still struggling to keep up w/ the boys. 
- Where is you at?  At one point Moll caught up to a car and slowed down to trail them... I was like, that's not my van... where are the boys?
- Awesome dinner in NC at a Mexican restaurant.  Amazing food, totally cost less than lunch at Wendy's = awesome!
- Bummed the pool was closed at our NC hotel.  The kids were really looking forward to that after such a long day.
- Buuuut we all fell asleep lickety split!

The C's had the WII set up in their van.  The boys loved that of course!
We had the ipads and some movies in our car. 
The girls played Barbies, the boys played WII... again, there was no fighting, little complaining, it was pretty dreamy!
G read for a lot of the trip.  I made some flowers.  Q played w/ the girls and the boys were entertained w/ the addition of their good buddy T.

This is our first road trip w/o our trusty 'road trip' music.
M recently got a new work phone and it has music apps on it.  We plugged that in and jammed to recent music, opposed to our 80's alternative!

Today we got up, got a few of us showered, got bfast downstairs. 
The girls wanted to eat at their own table and eyed the cute boys near them!
I let the kids jump on the bed a little...

We were on the road before 9.
More good driving.  I got some writing done.

M and I have had more pop in the last 2 days than we've had in the last month...
Moll asked how good my doughnuts are, how long they last... I told her I don't know, they never last more than a day before they are gone! 
Yep, we've had a good bit of junk... plus it feels worse when you aren't moving around!

I intend to hit the beach in the morning for a nice run.  I'm so excited!

Yea for vacations!!!


  1. Sounds divine! I have family in Tampa and I used to live in NW Broward County. Sometimes, I really miss FL. Have a blast!


    1. Oh, thanks Kelly! Bummer that we are missing the only two nice days NY has had all year... but there should be snow on Wednesday, and we won't miss that!!!
      I certainly could get used to the ocean breeze blowing through my house!

  2. I'm with you - yea for vacation.... especially a BEACH vacation. My absolute favorite. Soak as much as sun as possible. Getting ready to pour here and then drop 20 degrees. I think I'd rather be where you are:)

    1. Oh, the soaking of the sun did happen... we are mostly fried today!
      BUT... loving the ocean.

  3. It sounds like you are having an absolutely wonderful time! I hope you enjoy the sun and sand. It sounds heavenly. I love how you compared road trips to childbirth, lol! I think you're spot on with that one!

    1. :) Hey... wanted you to know I totally am eating cottage cheese with my greek yogurt now! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I nominated you for a Liebster

    1. Oh, thanks Linda! I was nomiated a year ago for this... sad I haven't blasted off in growth since then right? :(


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