Saturday, April 05, 2014

Happy Birthday E...

I will do a post about my love for this sweet little boy!
Emerson turned 5 on March 27... and G turned 10.
They share the same birthday and this year both of them get a friend party.
I had my work cut out for me and decided to have E's party on their birthday, then have G's the following Saturday.
It worked out perfectly!  We had birthday festivities on their birthday... then opened family presents on Friday, then had more birthday festivities on Saturday!  Several days of birthday love...

First: how cute are these?  I'll share them with you here today!

March 27th began with birthday boy breakfasts... after singing Happy Birthday, of course!
E chose raspberries, frosted mini wheats, yogurt smoothie and eggs.
We opened up Uncle Rod's card.  He sent $5... he's awesome!  E thought that was pretty cool!

E is so relaxed.  Part of me wonders if he even 'gets' the whole birthday thing!
Where kids think and desire and want, he's like... whatever... and pulls randoms out of his head.

What do I mean?  Ask any other child of mine what they want for their birthday the list will go on and on... ask E and he can't answer... has no idea!  So, he'll pull something random out of his head... like a motorcycle... a toy motorcycle?  Sure... or a real one!  He also answered that he'd like 'a giant house... you and me both'... was my reply.

He plays with whatever is in this house... I don't know that he has desire for anything other than what his brothers want or play with.

I asked him what kind of party he wanted and he didn't know or care!  He wanted to go to the bounce house though.

I asked what kind of cake he wanted, to maybe give me a place to start... he didn't care!

He has been very into Star Wars lately so I bought a little Darth Vader for his cake, and we did Star Wars theme 'thank you' bags.  Other than that I went traditional with our party decor.

Let's start with his party invite...  I had bought some cute birthday cards on clearance, just general party cards.  I bought them, they were blank... so I created this for the insides of them...

Next was his classroom treat.  
You know, one of the things that I'm not so into at this point in my life is baking... anything!
I don't love baked goods, I don't love decorating them right now... there was a time not too long ago that I did, but I really don't like it right now!
So, although I asked the 2 boys if they wanted cupcakes taken into their classrooms, I also offered other ideas... that sounded good to me.

Again, E doesn't really care!  Thankfully!
I bought little M&M's in bulk and created a Happy Birthday label for them.  
He gave these as his birthday treat...

You can fit 6 on a piece of paper...

Here is a png file for both the girl and boy 'Happy Birthday' label.  In Photoshop, you can add your child's name, then copy them and paste them onto a single sheet.

I decorated our dining room for E's party.  
We would mostly be at the bounce house, but even if you rent out the room, it's ugly... I don't like it!
So, I decided we'd come home for pizza, cake and gifts after bouncing.  I had my preschool mom friends help with transportation (asked permissions from all parents).

Here is how that looked...

I'm totally sold on making banners out of my old scrapbook paper.  I have some for every occasion!
Just cut triangles, punch holes, string ribbon, add stickers or chip letters.  Done.  Lickety split!

I mixed my New Year's 'happy' with this birthday.

A wide shot of the table and side buffet.  This weekend I'm painting!  I'm done with the orange... although I'll keep hold of this color.  I do love it!

I was disturbed by the look of this buffet... so I covered it with a vinyl table cloth.  I have a stash of many of these type things...  Never know when you'll need a cute polka dot cover, backdrop etc!  

It looks much better covered!

Do you have a helium tank?  Can't live w/o that!  Balloons when and where I want them!
I put up photos of my birthday boy.  Love him!

Isn't this paper the cutest?  Totally bought it at the dollar store!  I wrapped all of the gifts, for all of the boys, in this... I used washi tape as the ribbon.  Each of them get a different tape, that's how they know which gift is theirs... Love washi tape!

I figured I'd leave this decor up until after O's birthday, which is this week.
Then G's party came, and I realized I'd spaced I'd need all of this decor for that!  Duh!
So, it was up for a day... oh well!

We met all of our friends at the bounce house.  
The kids had such a great time being loud, bouncing, wrestling...
Q had gone to a friend's house and G chose to come and bounce.
Here are some shots of my boys...

We came home and Matt had pizza waiting for us, good man, got that on his way home!
We ate pizza, then had cake.
He loved his cake... I love that I didn't make it!

The boys played for just a few minutes before parents came.

A couple of friends stayed a few minutes after while E opened gifts.
He was so funny, didn't say a word about them!  Didn't even realize the stack of gifts was for him!
I had fun opening them, but was still too excited, left a few behind and went to play!

He had a great time with his friends!  He was pooped by the end of the night!
It was a great 5th birthday!
Love this boy!

There are now two 5 year old boys running around my house!


  1. We've had a lot of birthdays are our house recently too! I'm so amazed with all of your cute decorations, invitations and party favors. You're amazing! All of your pictures are absolutely beautiful as well!

  2. He looks so grown up! How is he 5 already? I think of him everytime we use the word "nuggle"!! He's changed our lives forever with that word!


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